Hi! I'm Danielle, owner and creator of Tiny Robot Studio. Before you book me for your photography needs, here's a little background about myself (and where I came up with the studio name).

I graduated in 2010 from the Hartford Art School at the University of Hartford. There I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication Design with a double minor in Photography and Art History. I pursued a career as a full time graphic designer, but my love for photography and capturing the essence of the people around me was too strong to ignore.

A large influence for my work stems from my love of art history and classical portraits where the subject is surrounded by the things that define them. This still flows over with my portrait work now. I like to focus on the things that define my clients and captures their personalities in the images. Hopefully I can do this for you as well!

Since 2004, I have been creating robot paintings. What started as a late night creative outlet became something I started to create more frequently and have even become quick lunch time doodles. I started to become the robot girl, and when trying to figure out a name for my business, a former professor suggested Tiny Robot, no other name would be able to fit more perfectly. Robot paintings can be commissioned, many paintings have been given as gifts, picking specific song lyrics or phrases that mean a lot to the person receiving them.

Tiny Robot Studio, LLC was established in 2015.